We Take Pride in our Technical Approach to the Products we Offer.

A Short History on Our Company:

The history of our company actually dates back to January of 1961, when T.G. Burch was officially named as the Representative of Reznor HVAC Products for the states of Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming. Upon the retirement of Patrick Burch in 2008, a new company-with old employees-was incorporated to carry on the traditions that T.G. and Pat had developed over the past forty-five years.

We currently represent a handful of manufacturers and cover the states of Arizona, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico and Wyoming while also providing support in El Paso, TX and Scottsbluff, NE. We travel Border-to-Border, from Canada to Mexico. Our main office is located in Sheridan, Colorado. To adequately provide support to all of the geography we cover, we currently have offices in Phoenix, Colorado Springs and Kalispell, MT. We take pride in our technical approach to the products we represent and encourage you to contact us with any questions or needs you might have.