Solaria Luxury Patio Heater

September 10, 2018
Category: TAG Office Stock Items
Solaria, TAG

Aura Luxury Patio Heater

CF Series Heaters employ an advanced carbon fiber emitter technology that generates instant, infrared directional warmth, while limiting the harsh light and glare often associated with infrared heating. It's carbon fiber filaments can generate powerful warmth, but emit only a pleasant, soft, ambient glow. CF Series Heater operation is safe, odorless and silent. The heater is constructed of stainless steel and durable aircraft grade aluminium. With an IP65 rating for water and dust resistance, it will operate safely in virtually all weather conditions. CF Series Heaters have been designed for maximum convenience and ease of use, with an easily accessible ON/OFF switch on the unit and a 6 heat-level remote control. Once installed, the heater requires virtually no maintenance. Adjustable mounting brackets for wall and ceiling installation are included.
CF Series 1500W Heaters are in stock in Denver.
CF Series 3000W Heaters are available on request.

Aura CF Series Brochure