RPB, less evap and hood.


December 2, 2019
Category: TAG Office Stock Items

Reznor RPB-300 Make Up Air Unit.

Two Stage Natural Gas; Airflows from 2,465 to 6,300 CFM; Temperature rise from 34°F to 87°F.  O/A & R/A dampers with  filters, O/A hood, 24V Control Relays, 2 Stage Duct & Room Thermostats, and Rain Baffled Hood.
May be purchased with Evaporative Cooling Section: REC-60. [link]
May be purchased with Curb: 105218, no stock at this time.
Airflow may be adjusted to achieve desired temperature rise.
Temperature rise calculated at 5,000' elevation.
Selected for 3600 ACFM @ 0.6" ESP, 59*F rise.